Last night I finally saw “The Pianist”. What an incredible, if harrowing, experience. It tells the story of Polish-Jewish composer and pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, who against all odds, survived the Holocaust. Here’s a beautiful recording of the C Sharp minor Nocturne by Polish pianist Janusz Olejniczak, who plays on the soundtrack. His hands get a good amount of screen time as well, as it is the Olejniczak that you see playing Chopin throughout the movie. I’d never played this Nocturne, but I quickly downloaded the music and will be working it up. It’s a shame that it wasn’t included in the Schirmer edition of the Nocturnes (Joseffy). Chopin dedicated this piece to his elder sister, Ludwika, as an aid in helping her learn his second piano Concerto. One should always feel fortunate when playing a work by Chopin that wasn’t published during his lifetime, as it was his deathbed wish that they all be destroyed!