This month, over the course of two recitals, András Schiff performed both books of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. Shirley and I were fortunate enough to attend both recitals and I can tell you that it was the most inspiring pianistic achievement that I’ve ever witnessed. Widely credited as the greatest Bach interpreter currently working, Schiff has lived with this music for so long that it has become a part of him. His playing is so natural and his lines so transparent that every voice is distinctly clear, making the very difficult appear effortless. I highly recommend Schiff’s new recording of the WTC, beautifully captured on ECM. I have the four discs spread across various CD players throughout the house and listen to them all the time. In the photo, Mr. Schiff is signing the CD booklet. He was also kind enough to sign my G. Henle sets of the WTC (he provided the fingerings for the 2006 edition).