After my recital on Sunday, my wife Shirley and I went to Yoshi’s to hear the Ahn Trio. That’s pianist Lucia above, and her twin sister, cellist Maria to the left. Their sister, violinist Angella, had left for the airport right after the concert. The sisters opened the concert with a beautifully atmospheric composition written for them by Pat Metheny named “Yu Ryung” containing a striking riff in the cello that any guitarist would love to play. Several pieces written by Kenji Bunch were featured, all written specifically for the Trio. Of special interest was the piece “Danceband,”a five-part suite that includes sections with unique piano effects. The “Sarabande” movement had a short section where Lucia leaned in and strummed the piano strings with a guitar pick, producing the unmistakable pluck of a harpsichord. During the movement titled “Backstep,” Lucia placed a towel between the frame and the strings to replicate a surprisingly true banjo sound. It was fun and slightly disorienting to hear bluegrass music performed by a Korean piano trio in a Japanese sushi restaurant/jazz club. The most unusual piano technique came during the Ahn Trio’s version of the Door’s “Riders On the Storm.” When the trio wanted a storm effect, Lucia provided the thunder by bouncing a tennis ball on the bass strings of the Steinway. It’s not every day that you get the chance to hear talented musicians playing music that, for the most part, was written expressly for them. Be sure to catch the Ahn Trio live: these ladies enjoy playing together and their energy and enthusiasm is what makes live music so exciting!
Follow this link to hear the future of the piano trio.